Colorado 2 Day Dual Sport 2103


Vurboffroad Presents Colorado 2-Day Dual Sport Adventure
Story- Michael Brown
Photos- Randall Paetzold & M. Brown

Exit Tours M/C Colorado 2-Day Dual Sport adventure on August 9-10 in Salida, Colorado was staged out of the Chaffee County Fairgrounds in Poncha Springs; a beautiful spot just a few miles from Salida in the Arkansas River Valley in the heart of the Rocky Mountains.

Vurboffroad Presents: Colorado 2-Day Dual Sport Adventure

For Saturday there was a choice of two routes, a long or short loop. Breakfast was provided from 6-7:30, and pushing the electric start button was planned for no later then 8am.

The 'short' route was 176-miles, and the long loop 235-miles of spectacular Rocky Mountain trail. The two routes used the same trail in several locations, with the Otto Mears Tollroad (built in 1863) being a bit past halfway mark. The lunch stop was in Sargents, Colorado for a Buffalo burger at the Tomichi Creek Trading Post.

Vurboffroad Presents: Colorado 2-Day Dual Sport Adventure

The trails and roads were moist for most of the day, and the traction mostly excellent from the summer monsoon rains. Almost all riders were finished with Day 1 by 6pm and ended their day with BBQ beef ribs, chicken and a adult beverages provided by the club.

Day 2 started early with a great breakfast at 6:30am and riders on their bike by 8am. Sunday's ride would be longer than Saturday, as the long loop was 311-miles (and the short loop 276-miles) of epic mountain passes, views and scenery.

Sunday started with a ride along the Arkansas River, then over Aspen Ridge and through the largest grove of Aspens in America.

Vurboffroad Presents: Colorado 2-Day Dual Sport Adventure

Some of the riders struggled with the elevation, and reported shortness of breath getting to the top- but it was all worth the view. It's a steep drop down into Leadville where they stopped for a well deserved lunch at Gringos, where the burgers and fries are outstanding!

Vurboffroad Presents: Colorado 2-Day Dual Sport Adventure

After lunch, riders still had a long way to go, but after an hour break they were back on the bike for a quick loop around Turquoise Lake. After the loop around the lake, riders avoided the pavement of Hwy 24 and rode a interesting pipeline Right of Way until heading back the same way we came towards Buena Vista were the group again stopped for gas.

Vurboffroad Presents: Colorado 2-Day Dual Sport Adventure

The last 50-miles were spectacular with wide open spaces and unused 2-track through the woods and Aspens. It was incredible! By the time some got back, it was 7pm, and a few of the other riders had taken a short cut and were already loading their bikes. Everybody seemed to be satisfied and tired from the long, yet incredible, weekend of dual sport riding.\

Just another nice summer weekend of riding in the Rocky Mountains. Check out in the future for next year's schedule of adventures from Exit Tours Motorcycle Club.

Vurboffroad Presents: Colorado 2-Day Dual Sport Adventure